End Poverty Now, Inc.

Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!


While we all know there are millions of people living on less than $1/day, we often struggle with the next piece: what can we do about it.  

Our mission is to help form conduits for people who want to get resources to needy people.  Whether it is technical expertise for economists in new countries such as South Sudan or medicine donations from pharmaceutical companies to orphans in Peru.

The West has often given aid, hand-outs, and temporary solutions often causing more problems than solutions.  We seek to make sure that our projects and partners are using sustainable models that will keep going on there own.  We seek to be world-class listeners: to the people we are seeking to help, to experts in our field, and to the workers closest to the situation.  We also greatly value impacting the root of problems.  For example, extreme hunger will continue where the underlying problem of civil war exists.  Civil war is often caused by inter-tribal discrimination, conflict and lack of reconciliation.