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End Poverty Now, Inc.

URGENT Projects

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Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center:

This Toledo, OH nonprofit was founded in 1974 by a pediatrician and currently serves over 50,000 people per year.  They have won regional awards for excellence and innovation.  We are honored to support the fine work of this organization to help hurting humans find protection and build a better, richer life. 

extremist muslim ministry

This group supports and trains church leaders in Taliban and other threatening areas.  Concerned about radical Islam? Here is a group with a proven success in changing hearts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.


Be part of providing a communal well in Bangladesh.  Villagers pay for the use of the well and the funds are used to maintain it.  

Cincinnati Works

We are passionate about finding programs with proven success at critical problems.  When Dave and Liane Phillips "retired" and founded Cincinnati Works in 1996 their new methods became a model for the rest of the country.  They have taken over 5000 unemployed people and helped many become productive members of society through intensive job coaching and placement.